The Cause

 Kids for Kids to benefit Sarah's Fund of The Cedars Cancer Foundation.


The Kids for Kids Mission


Our mission is to help local children’s charities that provide essential services, by fundraising on their behalf.

Kids for Kids has joined forces with Sarah's Fund of the Cedars Cancer Foundation to raise much needed funds for pediatric oncology at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, while at the same time staying connected to the founding mission by also continuing to support a local grassroots children’s charity in Montreal each year.




Sarah's Fund was founded in 2001. It was created as a tribute to Sarah Cook, an 8-year-old girl undergoing treatment for Ewing’s Sarcoma at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Family and friends were inspired by Sarah’s determination to help ease the treatment for the other children on the floor by raising funds to buy new pillows.

Sarah's Fund of the Cedars Cancer Institute was formed in support of the efforts of the professionals who make a positive difference in the lives of hundreds of children and their families every year and to address the pressing needs of the in-patient Hematology/Oncology division at the Children’s Hospital of the MUHC.

In 2010, Sarah graduated from Grade 12 and has recently finished treatment for her second bout of cancer. Sarah is determined to continue, through her fund, to help other young people who are battling cancer.

Since its inception in 2001, Sarah's Fund has raised $4.5 million in donations, pledges and special events. The most touching gifts have come from children who know Sarah, using their birthday parties, lemonade stands, puppet shows, races and events to raise donations for Sarah’s cause.

The Fund has directly supported the Hematology/Oncology Division, with positive results that include:

  • Renovation and funding of “Sarah’s Floor”, the haematology/oncology in-patient unit at the Montreal Children’s Hospital

  • Development and support of Art Therapy;

  • Providing humanitarian resources through the Sarah’s Fund for Families;

  • Participation in the acquisition of the first Intra-Operative MRI in Quebec at the MCH, an invaluable tool in the care and treatment of children with brain tumours;

  • Funding for Dr. Clown therapy;

  • Funding for Continuing Education for nurses and technicians.


Under the guidance of the medical advisory committee, the Sarah's Fund‘s Executive Committee continually looks forward to realize projects within the Hematology/Oncology Division that urgently need funding, as well as support in moving Sarah’s Floor to the new Children’s Hospital of the MUHC at the Glen Yard site. To learn more about Sarah's Fund, please visit:


You Can HELP

There are numerous ways in which you can support the cause!

Whether you want to attend the party with friends, family or colleagues, become a valued sponsor or volunteer your time throughout the evening, your support will directly impact the lives of many!